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  • 11.13.17

    Posted by Cecelia Jones on 11/13/2017 7:00:00 PM
    1. Approval of minutes from board meeting - 10-16-17  vote passed
    2. Superintendent Spotlight
    1. Little Elm High School students of the month - sophomore Ricky Morales Natalie Ballesteros, Senior

          7. Citizen comment: none

          8. Reports of the Superintendent -

    1. PEIMS Demographic Snapshot Report - Dr. Cyndy Mika , Assistant Superintendent for School Improvement - Shows the new dashboard on the website. Take a look at our Dashboard.
    2. Educational Services Update - Dr. Ashley Glover, Exec. Dir. for Educational Services - We serve 7,528 students. Support 864 staff. Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics expansion at each elementary campus, Two-Way Dual Language (9th year), Professional Learning services, Aspiring Leaders Institutes, Building our Capacity, Compacted Math, Career and Technical Education (2600 students in CTE programs in grades 7-12), College, Career, and Life Ready (make sure every student has the opportunity to experience college), LiiNK Project, Digital Learning (teaching teachers how to integrate technology in the classroom), School Counseling (professional who assist students in achieving important developmental goals), Parent Involvement (parenting classes, supporting parents who have needs).
    3. Little Elm High School Additions and Renovations Project Update - Rod Reeves, Exec. Dir. for Operational Services - total cost of 21.5 million. Jan. 2017 -- ground was broken - August 2017, a lot of the building project was completed. It took 7.5 months. Administration - added 32,000 sq. ft for offices and entrance, fine arts 6,604 sq. ft., cafeteria 5,394 sq. ft in dining space renovations on the serving line, pizza line Library 5,935 sq. ft., 32,000 sq ft for the new classroom additions science, CTE culinary arts, main corridor, Project opened in August 16, 2017. Added over 46,230 sq. ft of new space. Reeves showed punch list items of the deficiencies, continuous improvement (started sooner on the project), help teachers move by using a moving company to help with large volume of moves.

    9. Move into closed meeting at 7:40.

    Open the meeting at 

    10. Action Items: 

    A. Discuss and approve the FTE for the position of Executive Director for Construction and Operations - Bond oversight for the building of the two new middle schools. -- vote passed.

    B. Discuss and approve the Special Education Paraprofessional FTE - support the increase enrollment in SpED. vote passed.

    C. Discuss and approve the Little Elm ISD Contract Summary Report - Grant Anderson - real estate companies vote passed

    D. Discuss and approve the Financial Reports - Grant Anderson - fund balance analysis,  742,000 added to fund balance,  balanced budget, actual summary: 5.31% realized in total revenue, total expenditures 11.97% : Capitol Projects: HS expansion, and Transportation building $7million

    other financials -- vote passed.

    E. Discuss and approve Board Operating Procedures - Melissa Myers - citizen input on specific agenda items - they are checking to see what is allowed. Board calendars, other things will be discussed during December meeting. vote passed. (Flores recused.)

    11. Consent Agenda - A-F vote passed.

    12. Board president comments - A. communicators program - quarterly event to learn more about the District. maybe put this on the December agenda.

    Traveling Board meetings and bringing that back. Naming facilities and where are we? Bring it to the December meeting.

    13. Board comments -- English: great job on the construction, great job on the bond, huge leap for the district for the next 10-20 years. Thanks to staff to getting the facts out. Flores: Special thanks to Gallagher for facing tough presentation, Dr. Tipton and being on social media answering questions. Take a look at Cadet program. Olson: Kudos to staff for everything bond related. Electric car charging stations, like to see that on the December agenda. Montemayor: thanks to the admin for organizing meetings, countless other citizens that were knocking on doors, the flexibility of plans that are critical decision for the students. Harding: Echo what everyone is saying about admin's work on the bond. Blackwood: thanks to admin.

    14. Superintendent Comments - Thanks Executive team for supporting every meeting. How they worked to get the bond passed. Thanks to Cecelia and Tony for their special contributions, incredible support from the team, thank you to the Board for their vision - you came to all those LRFPC meetings. This is a special time in this community -- I see this community really coming together. We had 70% support this bond -- you can see the momentum from the town, citizens -- I am excited the direction we are moving. Canvasing of the election this Friday at 9am.

    Adjourn at 9:24pm.

    Watch the Board Meeting

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