• School Grades: 6

    School Colors: Blue and Gold

    School Mascot: The Lobo






    Determination, and




  • Core Values & Beliefs


    • Accountability and consistency of high expectations for students and staff
    • Encourage, motivate, and support all students and staff equally with positive and respectful relationships
    • Inspire shared responsibility between school, community, home and student for students’ success
    • Power of visualization 
    •  Celebrate diversity
  • Mission Statement


    The mission of Colin Powel Sixth Grade Center is to provide all students the opportunity to develop to his or her maximum potential: intellectually, physically, socially, economically, and morally.  Our thinking, our curriculum, and our endeavors are centered in the general welfare of the whole child.  We will strive to ensure that each child is capable of and able to achieve academic excellence, and be desirous of making a positive contribution to society.