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First the Egg: A five-part story about first graders and a chicken's life cycle

March 10, 2017
WaddLEs and Little Elliot seem to be quite comfortable as they are becoming acquainted with their new world outside of an egg. This month, Hackberry Elementary first graders have learned about the 21 day life cycle of a chicken egg. First grade teachers decided it would be neat to step it up a notch. “Bringing science to life for our students made it very real for them,” said Kristan Whiddon, first grade teacher.

Students started with 12 eggs and they were placed in an incubator. Each week, students learned the growth stage of the chicken inside the egg. The hatching of the eggs was caught on video and shared through Youtube. It was learning that had reached its climax. Students were excited to see how the chicken carefully pecked away at the shell to enter this world.

This week Jennifer Carrillo, a first grade parent, came to the school to determine if WaddLEs and Little Elliot were girls or boys. Based on the length on the wing feathers and anatomy, “They are definitely girls,” she said. 

The lesson became a household name at Hackberry over the weeks. At Open House, WaddLEs and Little Elliot took center stage as parents from all grade-level students came to visit the new “chicks on the block.” The excitement was high for our students while they explained what they were learning about their two friends. 

WaddLEs was able to walk the hallways one last time as students bid their farewell before everyone leaves for Spring Break. The chickens are headed back to their home, a farm in Krum. Kindergarten teacher Megan Branch, and her family, were pleased to offer chicken eggs to the first grader’s “Hatching Chickens in the Classroom Project.”

Watch WaddLEs walk the hallways. 

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